Hofmann Designs Billet Pull Back Plate

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Finish Machined

Pull Back Plate

  • Machined in the USA from 6061 Aluminum
  • Brings handlebar riser mounting location ¾” higher and has 2 ½” of pull back.
  • Designed to allow risers / T-bar style setup on batwing fairing bikes.
  • Your choice of black anodized or raw
  • Fits 1996 – 2023 (2023 CVO Excluded) Batwing Models 
  • 2014-2023 models require removal of ignition switch and keyless ignition function activated (Security Required)
  • 1996-2013 models require removal / relocation of ignition switch.
  • Will lose fork lock feature. 

High Quality Carbon Fiber and Billet Aluminum Products Made Locally Right in Minnesota.

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