Who We Are

Hofmann Designs was started in 2009 with a simple vision, creating quality products and unique motorcycles.  From the early days of service and repairs, to building ground up motorcycles. Today we have an expansive line of carbon fiber and billet parts. Our vision hasn’t changed, quality craftsmanship, and customer service is priority. Our goal is to make the best products for your motorcycle. We always remember what we have done in the past, along with being focused on the future of the motorcycle industry.

Our carbon fiber is the industry standard. Period. In late 2015 R&D began on products for touring models which no one had seen before. After nearly 2 years of design and testing, in 2017 Hofmann Designs released carbon fiber body components for touring models.  Fast forward to today, we offer virtually every body-panel for your late model bagger, as well as a select few other models. We have continued to expand our products to give you the most options for your motorcycle.  We have the highest quality and the most R & D into these products, so you can rest assured our products are built to hold up to what you & your motorcycle can do.

In 2022 we expanded our product line by manufacturing billet components in-house with state-of-the-art CNC equipment.  This was a crucial step in moving forward within this fast-paced motorcycle industry. This allows us to get new products to market faster and complements our continually growing carbon fiber line of products. We quickly released a complete line of risers, foot controls, and miscellaneous components. All the while we are continually designing new products daily to enhance the style and functionality of your motorcycle.